Aware. Despite our scientific, technological, and intellectual advances, this state regarding our very existence appears to have eluded us. Being ‘unaware’ has led us on a path of self-destruction for thousands of years. Not knowing, has led to the destruction of our lives, our planet, and ourselves. I must say this permeating, all-encompassing blindness still leaves me in awe of something that is phenomenally multidimensional and intricate beyond all comprehension. It too is the manifestation of something incredibly complex and beautiful. That being said, our blindness does and will lead to our destruction unless somehow checked. Opening our eyes may prove to be a monstrous feat of strength and will, but the way things are going it must be done soon, and it has to include all of us as we return to the one.

chained angel

I hate movies about man’s inhumanity to man, so it stood to reason that I tried whole heartedly to avoid the recent Oscar award-winning film, “12 Years a Slave”. I knew I could no more stomach this film than I could “Schindlers List” or “Hotel Rwanda”, but a friend of mine convinced me to view it with her. I acquiesced, preparing myself for the depression and anguish I would feel in response to mans brutality and lack of empathy for himself. (I wonder what Jesus meant when He said He was “The Son of Man?”). Anyway, I nestled into my seat and stuffed my face with popcorn and unhealthy food stuffs to deaden the blow.

As I watched, however, something odd happened; my perception shifted. Usually I was brought to tears by the plight of the victims, but now I cried for the victims and the perpetrators. I don’t know if it was the film itself, (the brutality was no different from any other), or the direction or cinematography, but for some reason I saw something different, something that was much more pervasive than the emotions it evoked. I saw a consciousness, one that had inundated the world for time in millennia. An egoic mindset so destructive that it has led us all on a journey of self annihilation. I saw it in the actions of the slave holders as well as in the fear and hopelessness of the slaves. I remembered it from the brutal deeds of the Hutu rebels and the mindless killings of the German soldiers. For the first time, I saw its effect not only on the victims, but also on the perpetrators. Both, you see, lost their humanity; the slaves in obvious ways, but the slave owners in ways more subtle to the eye, but just as destructive. The purposeful and accepted disregard for one life breeds an equally accepted disregard for all life, leading to a well manufactured spiritual blindness. A stark, mechanical emptiness that loomed on their faces as if their consciousness had been “removed”.  No matter where they looked, they could not see themselves.ego

Since we are all life, this egoic, material based mindset that has been created breeds a disregard for ourselves that devalues our existence and the existence of a planet which too is alive. We watch as men become such monsters, with a kind of illusory distance, unable to see their universal effect. We watch as the planet is destroyed, being regarded as yet another “non- life form” to be exploited and cut up into pieces. We regard ourselves as separate from all that is; insulated in a suit of material flesh, when in reality, we are all that is. This lack of awareness, which I have dubbed “spiritual stagnancy” seems to be at the center of the worlds conflicts. The idea of “the other” is engrained in our egoic psyche, conveniently paired with fear, want and lack. The truth is that there is no ‘fear’ where love is present, neither is their ‘lack’. In fact, there is no “other.” There is only one of us here.  “Other” is the illusion.


Now, I don’t think it is a mistake that we are individualized consciousness entities, for this is how we experience this existence. The mistake is our stagnation of growth, perpetuated by an obsession with the material and the creation of a manufactured egoic “other” that keeps us bound to a lower spiritual reality. We cannot spiritually evolve in our present state unless we relinquish this thought of the insulated self. We know when we cause suffering. We know what suffering is. We know deep within our gut when we are wrong. It’s like the immune system in our bodies sounding an alarm when there is a threat. But, when we ignore this feeling and move on without acknowledging its whisper, we allow the disease to flourish. In doing so, we retard severely our spiritual evolution.  We eventually become blind to who we are, and our world falls into darkness.


We have got to wake up. We must realize we are not ‘killing them’; we are ‘killing us’. Look at our planet. It is alive! A life unlike our own, but alive. (Isn’t it like the egoic self to believe that it is the only form of life!). We are surrounded by life forms that work in unison to create an eco system that perpetuates life. We are part of that system, caretakers of it, not slave owners to it.  This consciousness aberration that we have allowed to pervade us, that we have created as the result of our obsession with the material “ether” must be transcended. How? With all of us. Gone are the days when some of us are saved and others are not. It’s an all or nothing game. We must foster awareness everyday. We must look at our neighbor, look at the trees, the sea, and the wind and repeat it to ourselves as often as it takes. Repeat it until we feel it. Repeat it until we see ourselves in ourselves…

”Not two…One”