Blood Cell Mediation

Seven Chakras

I was talking to a friend the other day about the current state of affairs regarding human conflict, the big ones, that have lasted generations.  She appeared quite upset, sighting a more recent event that belied her faith in humanity as a whole.  She wanted to vent to me about it, and after revealing both sides of the dispute, asked my opinion, or rather, which side I would most likely take.  I thought on this a moment ‘cause I knew my answer could be misconstrued by one so passionate.  Then I told her that I would take neither side of the dispute, as to me both arguments were mute.  She didn’t take that very well.  She began to argue the point from the perspective of the victim and challenged me to find any argument that would justify my ambivalence.  She felt I had to see the wrong that was done regardless of my spiritual beliefs, and she couldn’t believe that this did not upset me.  I told her that though it appeared so, I was not ambivalent at all. I was upset, but not for the reason she thought.  I saw the wrong and the right in the conflict, I just found their points to be mute in the larger context.  Her dubious look told me I had to explain another way, so I told her what I felt was a kind of joke, though I’m not sure if it helped…

There was this guy who went to the doctor’s office after a long period of illness.

“Hey, Doc,” the guy says. “I’ve been sick for a long while and can’t seem to shake it.  Can you help me out?”

Doc says, “Sure.  We’ll run some tests and find out what the problem is.”

Guy says, “Fine”.  He goes to the lab and they run some tests.

Later the Doc calls him back into the office.  “Well,” the doc says, “it seems your red blood cells are attacking your white blood cells.”

The guy looks at him a minute, then smiles.  “Really? Is that all?”

“Well…yes” the doc says, a little bemused.  “Why are you smiling?”

“Because!” he says, “The problem is solved!  All we have to do is get rid of the red blood cells, right?”

“Well, no”, the doctor says, “You can’t do that.  You see, the red blood cells are a part of the body and have a specific function.  Without them the body dies”.

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

Consciousness Awakening

The guy looks a little confused, then smiles again. “No problem, then Doc!” he says. “We just get rid of the white blood cells and again, problem solved!”

The doc starts to become a little annoyed. “Absolutely not!” he says. “The white blood cells are a part of the body too.  Why, without them, and their specific function, the body will also die!”

“Can we mediate?”

“Between who?”

“The cells of course!”

The doc stares at the guy a moment. thinking maybe he has a certified nut in his office, then he tries again.  “Look…” he says, “mediation is mute for obvious reasons.  What we like to do in this situation is to determine the disease or dysfunction that is causing the fight, then find ways to destroy that.”

The guy for once is speechless.  After a long moment of silence he says. “Gee doc, you’re a genius! But tell me, why didn’t the other docs tell me this in the beginning”

“Simple…,” The Doc says, “You have no insurance”.


Of course I found the joke a little funny.  My friend—not so much.  She said she was still a bit upset, though not for the reason she thought.





  1. Office Diva said,

    July 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    As someone who works in the healthcare industry, and also one who sees the higher aspects involved in healing, I get this on soooo many levels. Thank you for posting. I like your humor, and also the reminder to stay neutral. Your friend wanted/needing comforting, yet in that neediness required that you become immersed in the drama. I am enjoying more and more each day refusing to be drawn into others’ drama. Very liberating.


    • Wistfulwood said,

      July 31, 2013 at 3:14 am

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. I find it easier to stay neutral when I contemplate that many of our problems in this society would come to an end with our spiritual evolution. Once we realize the truth, that we are one entity, unconditonal love would prevail.

      True peace.

  2. July 27, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Wow. Good reading. The joke is just about the way things are in our country.No insurance and you are “glued and screwed.”That is my take on the situation and if you are poor or simply can not afford insurance you are at the mercy of the universe.

    Your friend enjoys confrontation and also wants all things to go her way. Putting it mildly she is a bit of a bully and is also over-bearing. She is oblivious to her obnoxious self. What a pity!

    I found you through Loofah is Good by Office Diva.


    I found

    • Wistfulwood said,

      July 31, 2013 at 3:20 am

      You’re right. Insurance affordabilty is a problem, so is the whole money construct. It is truly “the root of all evil”. Makes you wonder why we dont get rid of it. Thanks for visiting.!

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